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NHMS Handbook

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Other Habersham County BOE Policies:

504 Grievance Policy/ Procedure:

Any student or parent or guardian ("grievant") may request an impartial hearing due to the school system's actions or inactions regarding your child's identification, evaluation, or educational placement under Section 504. Requests for an impartial hearing must be in writing to the school system's Section 504 Coordinator; however, a grievant's failure to request a hearing in writing does not alleviate the school system's obligation to provide an impartial hearing if the grievant orally requests an impartial hearing through the school system's Section 504 Coordinator. The school system's Section 504 Coordinator will assist the grievant in completing the written Request for Hearing. The Section 504 Coordinator may be contacted through the school system's central office. Copies of the 504 Procedural Safeguards and Notice of Rights of Students and Parents Under Section 504 may be found at the system website or may be picked up at the central office or at any of the school offices.  


In our continuing effort to protect our children and maintain the safety of our schools, the Habersham County School System has elected to place security cameras in every school and bus in the system.  In light of this decision, we wanted to inform our students, parents and guardians as to the existence of these new safety measures and the system's intended use of such security cameras and safety measures.

This new safety measure will be used only by our administrators and police department to monitor student behavior  in public areas, such as hallways, cafeterias, gymnasiums, buses, grounds areas and other crowded areas.  . 

The security cameras will never be used to infringe on the privacy of any student, teacher, visitor, or staff member.  The cameras will not be placed in classrooms and restrooms. 

Viewing of footage captured by the security cameras will only be conducted by administrators, school police department personnel or security guards.  Teachers and other staff members will only have access to view such footage in limited circumstances that pertains to a particular incident that directly involved the staff member.  General everyday footage will be maintained by the system for approximately thirty (30) days.  Footage which captures a disciplinary incident will be maintained with the discipline record of the student(s) involved during the course of any investigation, disciplinary proceeding or appeal process.  No outside person will be given access to view such security camera footage except as allowed by FERPA guidelines.

The security cameras' primary purpose will be for use in instances of unauthorized visitors on campus to promote student/staff safety and for viewing student disciplinary incidents  such as fighting, bullying, and other inappropriate behaviors demonstrated by students.