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6th Grade Language Arts News..   
Students in 6th grade Language Arts classes (Butler, Barron, and Brown) have studied nonfiction text features and text structures....

7th Grade Science Observe Pond Water   
Lucas McCool and Luke Fish observe pond water in Mrs. Gerrin's class.  They identified different species of diatoms, algae,...

6th Grade Math Learning to Divide Decimals!   
Mrs. Youngblood's Math class working together to learn how to divide decimals by decimals!

NHMS is happy to announce Ms. Jennie Cook has been selected as our Support Person of the Year!  Great work Ms. Cook!!

NHMS is pleased to announce Mr. Jordan Terrell has been selected as Teacher of the Year!  Mr. Terrell teaches 6th and 7th...

Rachel's Challenge Program   
Coming to NHMS Thursday, September 4!!

Football Team looking forward to 2014 -2015 season   
North Habersham will kick off football season on Thursday, August 21 at Wilbanks Middle School.  The boys have worked hard...